About Us

- Lil Birdy's Antiques & Decor -

Where did my passion for antiques and vintage goods begin?

Growing up with my dad who was a small business owner out of our home...Having a creative mom who loves to paint and decorate...A grandmother who towed me along to garage sales at an early age every weekend...And finally, a brother who was passionate about “garbage picking” every trash night. I would drive him to the Flea Market on Sundays to sell his wares.

It should come as no surprise that I turned out the way I did!

My love for the rustic farmhouse decor style, hunting for vintage/antique goods, and turning "trash" into treasure runs pure and true. I have worked in retail assisting customers with their needs my entire life. So I combined the love and passion that I have for vintage and antique items along with my commitment to making my customers happy.

Nothing puts a smile on my face like sharing the hidden little history of a special piece with a customer.

My product isn't just the item itself, it's the storied memories and history. When people walk through my store they may only have a few minutes before going back to work from their lunch break. They come to the store and feel like they have walked down memory lane. They say things like "this reminds me of my grandparents" or “we had this growing up”…memories.

When I buy an item I ask a lot of questions.

I want as much info about where it came from, who had it, how long they had it and why are they selling it. I want people to know that I am giving that family heirloom a “good home” and they can trust me. I pride myself on giving my sellers a “fair price” on their family heirlooms.

At Lil Birdy's, you will find vintage one-of-a-kind pieces that we have personally “picked” alongside new home decor products (sourced only from fellow Small Business owners) all ready for you.

We are thrilled you are here and honored that you have chosen Lil Birdy’s Antiques & Decor pieces to decorate your home.

-Tracy (Lil Birdy)

Frequently Asked Questions:

We are located in Butler, PA on Route 8 in a quaint, two-story, red brick house across the street from Dollar General & The Country Kitchen. (374 Pittsburgh Rd. Butler, PA 16002). We are a mile from the Butler airport, just 7 miles from Route 228 & 30 miles from downtown Pittsburgh.