“Asian Turning Library table” (1920-1929)

This stunning “Asian Turning Library table” (1920-1929) is now available. This table has a marble top with four ornate “storage lockers” for books & it turns/spins. An absolute piece of antique art.

GIM Table Lamps

Become the “Lamp-Envy” of all. I would build a house around these absolutely STUNNING lamps! These large, ornate metal/brass, dome, slag glass, table lamps are just remarkable. Made by the GIM (Gimbels Bros metal company…NY) for MC. Co. The GIM company made metal parts for lamps for the M.C. Co from 1940-1960. Both lamps are fully operational, are heavy & … Read More

MCM (1964) Burwood Jeweled Peacock wall hanging.

“Picked” an amazing house this afternoon to find some well preserved treasures in every room. Here is the first of many great finds: MCM (1964) Burwood Jeweled Peacock wall hanging. This beautiful piece is made of a hard plastic in gold, green & white colors. The peacock adorns a jeweled headpiece & stands 34″ tall & 30″ wide. Truly a … Read More

Chelsea Clock Co. 1940’s, WWII U.S. Gov/Military clock.

Update: SOLD! I can’t stop smiling over this pick/find. Now available: Chelsea Clock Co. 1940’s, WWII U.S. Gov/Military clock. The clock “casing” is made of Bakelite & has the original glass. The clock works, but I do not have the original key (but a key can be purchased from the Chelsea key Co). This amazing “time-piece” that was mostly used … Read More

1899 C.M. Hall carbide, bicycle light, model (S) Solar.

Update: SOLD. New Arrival: This piece is in AMAZING condition for its age. Measures 5 1/4″ x 7″ tall. Ornate detailing on the back & top pieces. Has a red & blue faceted reflector on each side to alert drivers of passing on the right or left side. Great conversation piece & addition to any collection.